GMI Certificate Student Guidelines



Course work is designed to take approximately two year or twenty four (24) months to complete depending on your pace. You may apply for an extension if extenuating circumstances demand more time.


Course Work

All courses begin with an introductory video where the instructor will guide you on how to get the most out of your study. There are ten (10) lessons in each course. The lessons may be delivered in written notes, audio or video (or a combination) depending on the instructor. Each lesson is followed by ten (10) T/F or multiple choice questions. Begin with prayer. Study the material for each course with an open mind and an open Bible. Let God speak to you through those materials. Do not just study for the grade alone, study to be nourished. Your greatest teacher is the Holy Spirit.



• A = 90 – 100
• B = 80 – 90
• C = 70 – 80

“C” is a passing grade. You must have a minimum of “C” for the system to allow you to continue to the next course work. You may retake the quiz if you don’t pass the first time. If the quiz has not been passed by the third attempt the system will not allow you to advance. You will see a notice on the screen that The director has been notified to contact you to see if there is a resolution. Wait to take the test until you have mastered the material. Remember, the most important thing is not passing the course; it is allowing what you have learned to impact you (Ezra 7:10).



On completion of (20) Courses GMI will issue a Certificate of Completion. Upon request GMI can write a letter of recommendation to those holding a certificate of completion and attest to being in agreement with the GMI statement of Faith. Those with a certificate of completion and graduated with a B average or above are eligible to apply for a scholarship to Colorado Biblical University.



Students can visit and discuss with other students in the GMI Chatroom. The Director will be monitoring it and instructors will drop by from time to time. Enjoy and learn from the GMI community



GMI seeks to reflect God’s grace. “Freely you received, freely give” (Matt. 10:8). Though there are costs incurred for this training it is not passed on to students. GMI services are rendered free of charge. If the Lord motivates you to support His work through giving, you have the privilege of sharing in the training of God’s children for His work and His glory. This is a grace ministry.